Let’s get fresh fruit and vegetable snacks back every day!

A note from the Ithaca Community Harvest Steering Committee Chair

Six years ago I helped pilot the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program at BJM with the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, the Ithaca City School District and GreenStar Community Projects. I have very special memories of that school year, including spending time in every classroom to listen to what students and teachers had to say about the program. I remember a fourth grade teacher who told me about a student who wasn’t trying the snacks at all. He had never eaten an apple in his life. After his friend encouraged him to try some apple, he tried it and liked it and the class cheered. A few days later he tried melon.


As much as I loved witnessing the excitement, pride and awe of children (and adults) tasting new fruits and vegetables for the first time, I also loved receiving a serving of snack each time I walked through the kitchen. I never once took it for granted that there would be a serving left for me, and each time I was greeted by Vanessa Wood, our program manager, with something delicious to savor, it was a gift. You could compare it to the way you feel when you drop into a friend or neighbor’s house for a moment, and they invite you stay and have a bite to eat. Unexpected and delicious! Although the students and teachers grew to expect their daily snack, the program was so good at offering a wide variety and interesting combinations of fruits and vegetables that each day felt like a surprise!


By donating to this Campaign, you are not only giving the gift of fresh fruits and vegetables, you are also supporting healthy habits that will last a lifetime for BJM students.


Lara Parrilla Kaltman

Ithaca Community Harvest

Steering Committee Chair

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